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If you use Quicksuper, your super payment deadline for the last quarter is 28 July*.
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*Other clearing houses may take longer so it’s best to check with them.

A positive year for member’s super returns

July 2019

AustralianSuper’s Balanced option has delivered a return of 8.67% for the year and 10.72%pa for the three years to 30 June 2019. This is the tenth consecutive year of positive returns for members in the Balanced option.

After a challenging start to the 18/19 financial year, a rebound in share markets in the last six months helped boost returns for members. More importantly, longer term returns over the five and ten years remain consistently strong.

Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, Mark Delaney, said ‘AustralianSuper members have now seen 10 years of strong returns which represents a major boost to their retirement savings.’

‘If you had $50,000 invested in the Balanced option from July 2009, your retirement savings would have more than doubled over the last ten years and would now be worth $126,921^.’

Read more on the performance result.

^ Based on investment returns which are net of investment fees, costs and taxes, but do not include the impact of administration fees and insurance premiums that are deducted from members’ account balances.

Do your employees know about insurance through super?

July 2019

AustralianSuper offers flexible, affordable insurance cover for members with a focus on protecting their biggest asset – their future income.

Members pay for insurance from their super account. This means having less for retirement, but having cover provides peace of mind if the worst happens. That’s why it’s a good idea for members to consider if the cover they have is right for them.

Here’s the low down on the types of insurance on offer through AustralianSuper:

  • Income Protection – can help if a member becomes ill or injured at work or outside work and can’t work temporarily. It can provide monthly payments with benefit payment periods up to two years, five years or age 65.
  • Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover can pay a lump sum if a member becomes totally and permanently disabled and can no longer work.
  • Death cover can pay a lump sum to beneficiaries
  • Terminal illness benefit comes with Death or TPD cover and can help ease some the financial stress and trauma associated with a terminal illness.

Members can cancel, change or apply for more cover anytime via the AustralianSuper app, log into their account and going to My insurance, or completing one of our paper forms at

Before changing cover, members should read our Insurance in your super guide. It contains terms and conditions about insurance, including costs, when cover starts and stops, and limited cover or exclusions. They can download a copy for their division at

Super help for employees from diverse backgrounds

July 2019

Super can seem complex for people who are new to Australia and as your super fund, we’re dedicated to helping all your employees get a better understanding of what super is and how they can get the most out of it.

We’ve recently added an intranet tile to our suite of business tools which can be placed on your internal website to direct your employees to a dedicated landing page with information on super. Simply download the intranet tiles here: New to Australia?, What is Super?, Super Explained, upload it to your own internal website and link it to this page: Alternatively, download an email template to send to your employees, a workplace poster or flyer.

How our mobile app makes super simpler for members

July 2019

The AustralianSuper mobile app allows members to access their super on the go with a 4 digit PIN, Touch ID or Face ID so they can:

  • Search for lost super and consolidate any super
  • View their account balance and fees
  • Contribute more into super via Direct Debit or BPAY
  • Know when a payment goes into a super account

Members can get the app in three easy steps:

  1. Set up an online account at
  2. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Login with their AustralianSuper account username and password.

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll? (this is for you, small to medium businesses)

April 2019

Single Touch Payroll, or STP, is due to start 1 July 2019 for businesses with 19 or less employees. STP requires that you report salary and wages, pay as you go withholding and super information to the ATO at the same time as you pay your employees through your business’s payroll software.

It started in 2018 for businesses with 20 or more employees.

The ATO is your best source of information on STP. You’ll find checklists on their website to help with getting ready for STP and one for when reporting starts. Here’s a summary of the ‘Get ready’ checklist.

  1. First, think about how you will report through STP. Options include reporting through payroll or accounting software that offers STP reporting, or asking a tax, BAS agent or payroll service provider to report through STP for you. If you have four or less employees, you could choose from one of the No-cost and low-cost Single Touch Payroll solutions listed on the ATO website and available by 1 July 2019.
  2. If you use payroll software, talk to your provider to find out how they will offer STP reporting and check if they have a deferred start for STP reporting which covers you if you are an existing client.
  3. Talk to your staff about STP, particularly those responsible for running your payroll.
  4. If you have 19 employees or less and you won’t be ready to start reporting before 30 September 2019, you will need to apply for a deferral. Visit for more information.
  5. Update your software when it is ready, and start reporting to the ATO

Remember, the ATO will help and support you through your first year of reporting and it’s ok if you make a mistake, that you’ll be able to make corrections. Also that because the first year is a transition, penalties will generally not apply.

For more on single touch payroll visit the ATO website.

Mind the (contribution) limits

April 2019

As we edge closer to the end of the financial year, it may be timely to remind employees of annual super contribution limits so they can avoid paying extra tax.

For 2018/19, the annual limit on before-tax contributions remains at $25,000 for all age groups. Before-tax contributions don’t just include salary sacrifice contributions; super guarantee contributions also count towards the limit.

The annual limit on after-tax contributions remains at $100,000 for this financial year. We suggest you remind your employees to check in with the payroll office at work to find out how much they have already been paid.

For more on growing your super and contribution limits visit

Our admin fee has increased

April 2019

From 30 March 2019, AustralianSuper’s administration fee increased from $1.50 to $2.25 per week, which is an additional $39 per year. This is the first fee increase in nearly a decade and reflects rising costs.

The increase ensures our members can enjoy the retirement they deserve, by AustralianSuper continuing to provide the products, benefits and services they expect from us including:

  • upgrades to digital technology
  • improving cybersecurity
  • developing new products and services
  • providing seminars and online tools.

Members can be assured that, even with this change, AustralianSuper remains one of the most competitive and low-cost superannuation funds in Australia.

You’ll find more on the admin fee changes here.

It’s EOFY time!

April 2019

It’s getting to that time of year again. And while you’re likely to have your hands full wrapping things up for the end of financial year, getting your super sorted nice and early will give you some peace of mind.

To make sure your super payments get counted in this financial year, you’ll need to pay (using EFT) by June 26 to meet the deadline if you use QuickSuper. It may take longer for other clearing houses, so best to play it safe by making your payment by June 22 in this case.

Learn more or sign up for Quicksuper here.

Advice options for your staff

April 2019

AustralianSuper offers a number of financial advice options to help your staff achieve their best possible retirement.

Here’s what’s on offer.

Online calculators
Great for looking at how you could top up the Government Age Pension with super, or figure out insurance cover needs.

Our free retirement and financial planning seminars are held Australia-wide and run for about an hour with time afterwards for questions.

Members can call 1300 300 273 and ask to speak with one of our advice team members for a general advice Super Health Check or simple, personal advice on making an investment choice, adding extra to super, personal insurance, and retirement income options.

For more complex advice, members can meet face-to-face with a professional adviser and receive a tailored, comprehensive financial plan. Where available, there’s the option to meet with an adviser using a secure video link from home.

Members can learn more about advice options available through AustralianSuper here.

*The financial advice given to you will be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and not by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd (AustralianSuper) and therefore is not the responsibility of AustralianSuper. With your approval a fee may be charged if a Statement of Advice is provided.

AustralianSuper is a 5 star performer

April 2019

The AustralianSuper super product is one of only 6 funds to receive the 5 star rating in 2019, one that we’ve maintained since 2011.

The AustralianSuper account based pension product, Choice Income, is also 5 star rated for 2018, the most recent assessment.

We’re one of only four funds to be awarded 5 stars in both the Super and Pension categories.

Canstar are Australia’s biggest Financial Comparison Site*. For more information on Canstar, visit

*From Canstar website

Are you fielding questions about super?

January 2019

Many employees go to their boss or manager for information about their employer super fund. If this applies to you, you’re probably doing your best to give them the information they need. But you don’t have to be their sole source of help and information. AustralianSuper runs a comprehensive seminar and member briefing program designed to support members at every stage of life. Here’s what’s on offer:

Retirement Planning seminars

When: Run throughout the year with a brief holiday break Dec-Jan
How to register: Visit

Choice Income Member Seminars

When: Run throughout the year with a brief holiday break Dec-Jan
How to register: Visit

Member Briefings

When: Sep-Oct each year
How to register: Visit

Joining up new members? We have a (small) favour to ask.

January 2019

First up, thanks for choosing AustralianSuper for your new staff. We appreciate your support and, as you know, work hard to ensure our members enjoy the best possible retirement.

And the favour? It’s pretty simple – when you’re joining up new members, it’d be great if you could include contact details like a mobile number and email address.

Giving us these details means your people will be more informed about their super and better equipped to manage it.

And the payback for you? Good karma of course!

Join up a new member now

Mental health resources for you and your staff.

January 2019

Create a healthier workplace with these free resources from Superfriend.

For your people

For People Managers and Executive teams

SuperFriend is AustralianSuper’s workplace mental health and wellbeing Partner. Visit to learn more.

Insurance change aims to help younger super members grow their life savings

January 2019

AustralianSuper members under age 25 are no longer given default insurance automatically when they join the fund. This change aims to stop account erosion and make the system simpler and fairer for young members. Younger fund members will be able to opt in to insurance rather than automatically receive it when they join.

AustralianSuper’s Group Executive of Membership, Rose Kerlin, said the move was based on extensive analysis and feedback on the impact of automatic default insurance premiums on the erosion of account balances of young people.

“People under 25 starting out in the workforce need to begin building a base for their retirement savings. Given that they are often on relatively low incomes, we don’t want to see undue account erosion because of insurance that may actually be of very limited value to them.

“But we also want to stress that members under 25 will still be able to choose to have insurance if they want it and cover will start automatically when they are 25.”

Three benefits of keeping on top of your super payments

January 2019
  • On-time super payments are generally tax-deductible* – a plus for you and your business.
  • Pay late you and you may have to pay the SG charge. The SG charge is made up of what you owe in super guarantee payments, interest on those amounts (currently 10%) and a $20 admin fee per employee, per quarter. It’s not tax deductible.
  • Know you’re doing the right thing by your employees. Paying super on time means you’re keeping up with your obligations as a business to your employees.

(there’s a fourth benefit we wanted to sneak in which is that paying on time just means you keep on top of things as far as your business is concerned. So that’s one for peace of mind.)

*Remember, contributions can only be claimed as a tax deduction in the year the contribution was made. Contributions for employees that are 75 and over must be paid by the quarterly due date for the contribution to be deductible

Give your staff a hand getting informed about super.

January 2019

We’ve pulled together some resources you can use to educate or train your staff about super (feel free to use it for yourself also).

We’re not going to go into much detail here because it’s easier for you to take a look at what’s in the toolkit yourself.

Check it out at

Member benefit statements are out. Here’s what you need to know.

October 2018

AustralianSuper members started receiving their super and choice income statements in September. In all, 2.2 million statements have been issued this year, with approximately 1.4 million sent by email notification. We’ve kept the design and layout of statements consistent with last year, in line with what members told us they wanted. This year, we also included a video link to a message from our CEO, Ian Silk. You can help us deliver a premium service to members, and help them keep informed and educated about their super, by ensuring each employee has an up to date email address and contact details recorded in your payroll system. Many employers have already done this so a big thanks if that’s you!

You can view Ian Silk’s message here.

Is it time for a focus on mental health in your workplace?

October 2018

SuperFriend can help. They’re a national mental health organisation focused on creating positive, healthy and safe working environments where everyone can be well and thrive. As the only mental health organisation that partners with ‘profit to member’ super funds and group life insurers, Superfriend are uniquely positioned to provide you with information, advice and strategies with a focus on creating a strong workplace culture and supporting your employees.

Check out Superfriend’s Programs and Resources and how they can support your people here.

Members to benefit from major NSW infrastructure investment

October 2018

AustralianSuper members are now part owners of a major piece of NSW infrastructure after the Sydney Transport Partners consortium won the bid for 51 per cent ownership of WestConnex, the largest road infrastructure project underway in Australia.

AustralianSuper is part of the Australian-controlled consortium that will deliver a game changing transport network for Sydney and lift economic development across New South Wales.

For more information about AustralianSuper investments, click here

How much super?

October 2018

Just how much super do you need to retire and what difference does it make? Two questions that may have you stumped if put to you by an employee. The good news is, there’s a calculator for that! The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s MoneySmart website has lots of useful tools for budgeting, managing finances and planning including a retirement planner for setting goals and seeing what’s possible with super.

Super contribution limits reminder

October 2018

The beginning of a new financial year is a good time to remind employees to keep within the annual limits to avoid paying extra tax.

For 2018/19, the annual limit on before-tax contributions remains at $25,000 for all age groups. Before-tax contributions don’t just include salary sacrifice contributions; super guarantee contributions also count towards the limit.

The annual limit on after-tax contributions remains at $100,000 for this financial year.

We’ve had another great year of super returns

July 2018

AustralianSuper’s impressive 11.08% performance return for Balanced option over 2017/18 is the ninth year in a row of positive returns for members. It’s also the fifth year out of the last six of double digit returns achieved in the context of an increase in share market volatility in the second half of the year. Read more about the result here.

We’ve just released a fresh new batch of Product Disclosure Statements(PDS)

July 2018

You’ll find the new batch here.

Choice Income and Transition to Retirement PDS are valid from 14 June the remainder from 26 May.

We’re making the insurance claims process easier

July 2018

Members lodging an insurance claim against the cover they receive from AustralianSuper are often doing it at a time when they are ill or injured. And we’d like to help. So, to help alleviate some of the stress members may be experiencing at this time, we’ve made some changes to the claims process to make things a little easier.

From now on, a dedicated claims assessor will call employers directly to request information about the member’s employment once they have lodged the claim.

This means you won’t need to complete any forms, the member won’t need to collect information from you, and it will save any back and forth between you and the insurer if they need more details.

If you’d prefer to correspond with us in writing, we’d be happy to oblige. Just let us know at the time of the call.

For more on AustralianSuper’s insurance offer visit

New mobile app makes it easier for members to top up their super

July 2018

New mobile app makes it easier for members to top up their super
The latest version of the app introduces contributing more into super via Direct Debit or BPAY – all from your phone. It also notifies members when a payment goes into super, or out of a retirement income stream account.

Learn more here

First home super saver scheme update

July 2018

The Government has introduced the First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme to help Australians save for their first home.

From 1 July 2017, first home buyers have been able to make voluntary contributions into their AustralianSuper account, up to certain limits. From 1 July 2018, these contributions plus earnings as calculated by the ATO, can be withdrawn and used towards the purchase of a first home. More detail on conditions including eligibility for the scheme are available here.

Single Touch Payroll update

July 2018

Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting started on 1 July for businesses with 20 or more employees. If this is you, you’re either on board with the software and will have commenced reporting or you’ve applied for an extension from the ATO to give you some extra time. For a refresher on what STP is and how your business may be impacted, read our Single Touch Payroll next steps fact sheet.

AustralianSuper’s corporate reputation ranked among Australia’s top 10

May 2018

AustralianSuper has been ranked within the top 10 of Australia’s most reputable companies in the annual Australian Corporate Reputation Index (RepTrak®).

The Fund polled 7th on the list of companies, up three places from 10th position last year, and is the top ranked financial services organisation ahead of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, ranked 18th.

This result recognises our overriding purpose: to deliver the best retirement outcomes for members and always act in their best interests.

Air New Zealand took out first place for the fifth year running, ahead of Toyota, Qantas, Virgin, Mazda and JB Hi-Fi.

For more details, including the full list of company rankings, view the RepTrak® press release.

AustralianSuper wins 2018 Most Trusted Super Brand for 6th year running

May 2018

AustralianSuper has won the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand: Superannuation. Hostplus and Rest Super were named as ‘highly commended’ in the same category.

For the 19th year, Reader’s Digest has approached ordinary consumers to ask their opinions on what brands of products and services are important to them.

Market research company Catalyst Research surveyed a representative sample of 2,450 Australian adults on their most trusted brands in 70 categories of products and services across a broad range of industries.

Each respondent was required to complete an online questionnaire to rate the brands they trust for each category.

The fund is pleased to have won this award again for the 6th year running thanks to the members and Australian Public who expressed their confidence in the products and services we provide.

> See the full list at 2018 Trusted Brands Australia winners

> Check out AustralianSuper’s profile at Award winner category: Superannuation

Reduced insurance cover costs are here

May 2018

We’ve reduced the cost of insurance cover to deliver better value to members.

From late May, the cost of cover through AustralianSuper will decrease by an average of 14% for Death cover, 6% for Total & Permanent Disablement cover and 20% for Income Protection with 
a 2 year benefit payment period*.

AustralianSuper reviews the cost of insurance each year to make sure members receive the best possible value.

We use our size to negotiate lower rates, while the insurer takes into account the number and type of claims made over the past years.

* For our largest division, the AustralianSuper Plan.

Unpaid super is in the news

April 2018

Media attention has focussed recently on unpaid super and government moves to increase penalties for non-payment of the Super Guarantee to employees. Also on the cards is proposed legislation giving the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) enhanced enforcement powers.

The moves come off the back of figures that show around 2.76 million or almost one third of Australian workers eligible for super are missing out on some or all of their entitlement*.

So what does this mean for employers? If you’re one of the majority who do the right thing, it could be taken as positive reinforcement of your actions. And for employers with unpaid super, it’s a bit of wake up call.

Under the Super Guarantee, employers must contribute 9.5 per cent into the super account of every worker over the age of 18 earning $450 a month.

Currently, employers who don’t pay the Super Guarantee on time face fines and penalties. New legislation introduced to Parliament this month up the stakes to potential jail terms, a measure of how important the issue is.

We’ll keep you informed of developments in this space, and in the meantime, we’re here to talk about or answer any questions you may have about your super payments on 1300 300 273.


EOFY super payment due dates

April 2018

It’s getting to that time of year again. And while there is plenty on for businesses wrapping up the financial year, getting your super sorted nice and early will deliver some peace of mind.

To make sure your super payments get counted in this financial year, and you use QuickSuper, you’ll need to pay by June 26 (using EFT). Other clearing houses may take longer, so make your payment by June 22.

Get super fit at a business briefing

April 2018

While we don’t guarantee overnight results, attending a business briefing can arm you with the know-how to become more confident and informed about super. They offer businesses of all types and sizes the opportunity to hear the latest super updates, and talk to experts about all things super. All while enjoying a healthy breakfast or lunch.

So, to get super fit, check out the national schedule of business briefings here.

Do you really need $1 million to retire?

April 2018

You’ve heard that you need $1 million in super savings to live on when you retire. But do you? Given that everyone has different ideas and means for retirement, how much money you need to retire on really does depend on your personal situation. And with many older Australians receiving either a part or full Government Age Pension, it’s unlikely that super will be the only source of retirement income. Instead of looking for a magical figure, we encourage members to start planning for retirement by first preparing a budget, thinking about the kind of lifestyle they want to live when they retire and how long they are likely to spend in retirement. More information is available at

We’re Australia’s top performing fund for 2017

April 2018

In what was a great year for members, AustralianSuper’s Balanced option was the best performing fund for the year, also ranking in the top three for the 3, 5 and 7 years to 31 December 2017.*

This was the best calendar year result in five years, with returns adding more than $13 billion to member’s retirement savings over the course of the year.

The Balanced option returned 13.59% against the median option’s return of 10.72% for the year, and 11.11% against the median option’s return of 9.66% for the five years to 31 December 2017.

All other investment options delivered positive returns with those with higher weightings to shares the strongest performers.

For more information visit

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The investment details are from the

More tailored insurance is better for members. Here’s how we’re achieving it.

April 2018

Insurance cover that reflects the individual needs and circumstances of members is at the heart of the introduction of a new product called Super Only.

Super Only is a default insurance free product that has been created to protect the accounts of people employed under the Supported Employment Services Award, short term employees working for less than six months and seasonal or intermittent employees working less than six months.

Its development recognises the fact that insurance cover may not be suitable for some members, especially those on low incomes whose accounts can be eroded by insurance premiums.

No automatic insurance upon joining means no unnecessary insurance fees coming out of those member’s super accounts, protecting them from account erosion.

If you’re interested in learning more about Super Only and its suitability for your business, contact your AustralianSuper representative.

We’re also reducing insurance costs for members

April 2018

AustralianSuper members will pay $100 million less in insurance premiums over the next financial year for the same level of insurance cover with the Fund’s insurer TAL.

Insurance premiums will decrease by an average 14% for death cover, 6% for TPD and 20% for Income Protection, following an annual premium review.

The insurance premium decreases will come into effect from May this year and reflect the Fund’s commitment to providing the insurance cover at the best possible price for members.

New member join form gets the thumbs up from members

April 2018

New member join form gets the thumbs up from members

AustralianSuper’s new member join form, launched in November last year, was a year in the making and informed by extensive member research, analysis of competitor offerings and user experience testing. Now, three months down the track, the results are positive, showing a decrease of calls into the Contact Centre from members needing help completing it and a corresponding uplift in members completing the form.

Members are giving its simplified content and design a thumbs up, rating the experience as simpler than what they had expected and reporting feeling confident and in control when completing the form. They’re all insights we’ll be using to make continual improvements to the member join experience in the next digital release.

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll?

April 2018

If you have 20 or more employees, Single Touch Payroll (STP) starts 1 July 2018. To help you be prepared, here’s a summarised check list. You can view the full one at

  • Speak to your payroll software provider about how they will offer STP reporting and what support they offer
  • Connect with ATO and subscribe to their updates. The ATO are working closely with payroll solution and service providers and publish information and updates at and through newsletters.
  • Review your business processes before STP starts:
  • Make sure the right people in your business know about Single Touch Payroll – especially your payroll staff.
  • Check if you are paying your employees correctly.
  • Check if you are calculating your employees’ super entitlements correctly.
  • Check if you are addressing overpayments correctly.
  • Is your employee information accurate, including names, addresses, date-of-birth records?
  • Apply for more time if you need it
  • If your software will be ready, but you won’t, you will need to apply to us for a deferred start date.
  • If your payroll software provider has a deferred start date, and you still need more time, you will need to apply for your own deferral.
  • Update your software when it is ready, and start reporting to us
  • We will help and support you through your first year of reporting.
  • It’s ok if you make a mistake – you will be able to make corrections.
  • The first year is a transition and penalties will generally not apply.

A resource for employees nearing retirement

March 2018

AustralianSuper has recently launched a new content hub called Money in the Next Third for members approaching retirement. The initiative aims to simplify retirement planning, focusing attention on the small but powerful things people can do to improve their retirement savings before finishing up work.

We encourage you to share this resource with your employees. You’ll find it at

What’s new January – March 2018

March 2018

We’ve updated our Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs), valid from 28 October 2017. View and download them at

If you’re interested in learning more about AustralianSuper’s environmental, social and government management and the big issues we’re managing, our updated fact sheets are a good place to start at

Check out our guide for business ‘The Changing Face of Super in Australia’ for insights and information on new measures the government is exploring and potential impacts on Australia’s super system.

Download the guide at

2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace

March 2018

The 2017 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey is the latest research produced by SuperFriend which measures the current state of workplace mental health and wellbeing in Australia. Now in its third year, the survey involved over 5,000 workers across Australia from a range of business sizes, industries and locations. It tracks the progress of Australian workplaces towards optimal mental health.

The Indicators of a Thriving Workplace is a valuable resource that supports the business case for creating a mentally healthy workplace, and contains insights relevant to all employers.

Download your copy at

Single Touch Payroll update

March 2018

Designed to simplify the business reporting of tax and super to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Single Touch Payroll starts 1 July 2018 if you have 20 or more employees.

If this applies to your business, having a conversation with your payroll provider is a good place to start your prep. Single Touch Payroll may apply to smaller employers (19 or less) from 1 July 2019 subject to the legislation being passed in Parliament.

Learn more at

New QuickSuper videos make getting started a breeze

March 2018

We’ve recently re-vamped our suite of video tutorials for QuickSuper, a free, compliant online payment solution. The tutorials cover:

  • An introduction to QuickSuper
  • Registering for QuickSuper
  • Setting up your account
  • Making super payments
  • Reporting and email notifications
  • Administration and troubleshooting tips.

  • If you’d prefer, you can download and print our QuickSuper – A how-to guide that covers the same
    information. If you’re not already registered for QuickSuper, signing up is easy for both big and small businesses alike. It takes just five minutes. Learn more at

    AustralianSuper takes the lead with insurance-free super

    March 2018

    AustralianSuper recognises that insurance cover may not be suitable for some members, especially those on low incomes.

    Super Only is an insurance-free product that’s designed to help people employed under the Supported Employment Services (SES) Award and short-term contracts to save more for retirement. No automatic insurance upon joining means no unnecessary insurance fees coming out of those members’ super accounts, protecting them from account erosion.

    To learn more about Super Only and it’s suitability for your business, contact your AustralianSuper representative.

    AustralianSuper is divesting tobacco holdings

    March 2018

    AustralianSuper will join 39 Australian superannuation funds, the Future Fund, a range of international pension funds, and commercial financial institutions around the world, including banks, who have divested their tobacco holdings.

    AustralianSuper’s board took the decision in November, following a three month process of review and enquiry. The decision reflects the view that continuing to invest in tobacco was inconsistent with the purpose of delivering the best possible retirement outcomes to members.

    Tobacco is uniquely different to other products and industries. There is no safe level of consumption, it is highly addictive and it is the largest preventable cause of death in the world. For these reasons the future exclusion of tobacco from our portfolio is a special case. AustralianSuper does not intend to add any other industry or product exclusions to our portfolio.

    AustralianSuper’s exit strategy from tobacco investments will retain a focus on strong investment outcomes for members.

    Learn more about AustralianSuper’s investments at

    New TTR Income account is coming soon

    February 2018

    Following legislation changes introduced in July 2017, there are now a number of Choice Income product differences that apply to retired members and transition to retirement (TTR) members. These variances can further complicate what is already a complex topic.

    To simplify things for members, we’ll be splitting account types for TTR and Choice Income, and launching a separate TTR Income account in late March 2018. We’ll confirm the exact launch date shortly so keep an eye out for further communication materials coming soon.

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